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gestern Abend am 15.2.2019 gab es bedauerlicherweise an Bord einen Schwelbrand. Bis auf weiteres können wir den Restaurantbetrieb nicht aufrecht erhalten. Haben Sie bitte Verständnis, dass wir zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch nichts näheres sagen können. Wir werden Sie aber an dieser Stelle auf dem Laufenden halten.

Jens Schmidt

Artikel der Nordsse Zeitung vom 16.02.2019

Hochzeitspaar auf der Seute DeernThe captain's cabin: Where the captain lived , as a ship still under sail, decisions were made, what course to sail. Today you can tie the knot of life together. In this cabin bridal couples take a vow  before the registrar for the rest of their life in wedlock. In a one - powerful maritime atmosphere civil ceremonies are performed .

After the official ceremony  you can invite your guests into the romtantic, nostalgic seafaring rooms on board.

Provide your guests with this special , memorable experience - your civil wedding ceremony and your wedding reception - romantic, festive and maritime, only possible on the " Seute Deern " .


What is there to do ?

• call on board and agree with Mr. Jens Schmidt for your desired date . Weddings are possible from Tuesday to Friday 14.00 pm , 15.00 pm, 16.00 pm and on two Saturdays a month every hour from 11.00 am . We reserve the captain's cabin and log your date in the registrar's office .

• A contract will be sent to you when ordering the wedding ceremony.

• After confirmation of the appointment you must register  your bands at your local registry office.

• After the bands have been accepted, including the authorization of the registry office everything must be sent to the registry office in Bremerhaven.

• After receipt of the documents to the registrar's office in Bremerhaven they will contact you only in connection when it is necessary for technical reasons.

• For the expenses incurred on the ship with the wedding ceremony,  there is a registry office charge of € 155.00. Cost of providing the captain's cabin is extra.

So , no problem
- Married in Bremerhaven -

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